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Preventative Health Education & Awareness about Post Traumatic Stress & Stigma

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1.4 million Australians at any one time* have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). (*Australian Bureau of Statistics – 6.4% of 21,530,081 Australians)

PTSD affects people from all walks of life. Families can be torn apart, drug and alcohol problems can occur, careers are destroyed, and in some cases, people are driven to suicide as a way of stopping the psychological and physical pain and anguish.

Too many people live with PTSD controlling their lives and the lives of their loved ones and never know what is causing the problem!

Picking Up The Peaces is a not for profit organisation committed to raising awareness about the detrimental effects of stigma and the signs and symptoms of PTSD and how, by seeking intervention early, sufferers and their families can regain some functionality and an improved quality of life.

We aim to do this through national education campaigns developed and delivered in collaboration with key stakeholders in health and high risk industries. We strive to raise community awareness of PTSD to eliminate social and systemic barriers to early detection and treatment.

Our message is that early detection and early treatment can save years of anguish for people living with PTSD.



Our mission is to raise awareness about stigma and PTSD so that those suffering, their families, friends and workmates can detect and identify them early in order to access appropriate treatment in a timely manner.

We are the first organisation worldwide to promote collaboration between key stakeholders in high risk industries to eliminate social and systemic barriers to early detection and treatment of PTSD. The group consists of health professionals (including nurses, paramedics and psychologists); military (including serving Australian Defence Force and ex Defence personnel); other professionals at high risk of PTSD (including police, paramedics, fire fighters, journalists, construction workers and emergency services personnel); people who have PTSD (including rape and torture victims), and people who support others experiencing PTSD.



A world in which PTSD is systemically minimised, and those suffering are routinely detected and treated early and effectively, with respect and without stigma.

Please browse this website, join the mailing list, email us at info@pickingupthepeaces.org.au with specific questions if you’d like to get involved. If time is a problem, you can always sponsor the campaign.
Now is the time. You can help stomp out the stigma around PTSD. And in doing so, save lives.

Sourced from the World Health Organisation (WHO)

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