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About Us

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‘Picking Up The Peaces’

Preventative Health Education & Awareness about Post Traumatic Stress & STIGMA

PUTP is a not for profit organisation committed to raising National awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We consist of:

  • Health professionals (e.g. nurses, paramedics)
  • Military (e.g. serving Australian Defence Force and ex Defence personnel)
  • Other professionals at high risk of PTSD (e.g. police, paramedics, fire fighters, journalists, construction workers)
  • People who have PTSD, or support others experiencing PTSD

Our mission

Our mission is to raise awareness about stigma and PTSD so that those suffering, their families, friends and workmates can detect and identify them early in order to access appropriate treatment in a timely manner. 

In this way we aim to…

  • To help break down the stigma associated with PTSD.
  • To help people support their workmates, friends or family members who have PTSD.
  • To help people recognise the symptoms of PTSD (either in themselves, family members or work mates)
  • To encourage people to seek treatment, if necessary, before health deteriorates to the point where recovery is difficult.


Our Vision

A world in which PTSD is systemically minimised, and those suffering are routinely detected and treated early and effectively, with respect and without stigma.

Our Values

As a credible organisation we seek to operate at the highest
levels of these values:

• Of purpose
• Towards people
• To public
• Offer non-judgemental advice
• Validate the experience
• Empathise
• Accountability
• Respect
• Honesty
• Confidentiality

Our Health Campaign

Picking Up The Peaces has developed three key preventative health initiatives:
• National Post Traumatic Stress
Awareness Day
• PTS Education and Literacy
• Anti-stigma campaign – Let’s
stomp out the stigma of PTS

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